Our Photo Contest

So no one actually entered the photo contest. :( So I've made a poll to see if you guys actually want it to happen again or not. Please vote!

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Also! Please leave in the comment suggestions for what you would like to see on our blog! Thanks!


Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day everyone! I hope you have a lovely day and eat some chocolate! ;)

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Also don't forget to enter our photo contest! The link below has all the rules!
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Your Surprise! (Better Late Than Never!): A Contest!

Ok, so with school, computer problems, and who knows what, your surprise has kinda taken forever for me to get up here! But better late then never, so here it is!

Your surprise is a super fun photo contest! You guys can enter of photo you've taken of your AG doll and submit it to us! The winner will receive the title of Queen (or King) AG Photographer According AGDD!! (It's a little wordy but feel free to make people address you as such) ;)

So here's the rules. You have to have been the one to take the photo, and you can only send in one photo. You can send your picture to us through our email at agddiaries@gmail.com. We will judge based on creativity, quality (i.e. can I clearly see your doll aka not blurry or too dark), and the photo overall. We will then post all your photos and choose a winner!

Your theme for your photos will be.....


Feel free to do whatever you want with this theme and have fun! You could do a scene from your favorite book, something whimsical, whatever you want! Also feel free to send in a caption to go with your photo!

Here's some quick examples of what makes a good photo vs. a bad one:


This picture is much too blurry! Also the lighting is awful and yellow.

This one is rather dark, and Kanani seems to be starring into space. Also having the dolls shows them very much as dolls, not like they're alive and doing something.

This Is OK but Could Be So Much Better:

This photo's not actually that bad but it's a little blurry. It would acceptable but not awesome.
Once again this is a little blurry, the idea is super cute, but you can see elements that show that they're dolls (like the giant heating vent on the floor)


This picture is clear, has a fun angle, and it has good lighting, also the doll is posed in a fun way. Yes, you could argue the wall next to her is to much of a "real human" element, but I will disagree with that because there are such thing as brick walls that go up to a persons shoulder in real life.

I LOVE this photo! It's super clear, has great lighting, has flowers that are to scale, and Maya just look so cute in my opinion! This is a wonderful example of what to do!

I hope this gave you some inspiration, now go and take some photos! I can't wait to see them! All pictures my be sent to us by February 20th! That gives you ten days!

Also, don't forget to HAVE FUN!

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Technology Problems :(

Sadly I'm having some computer problems so your guys' surprise I'm working on is going to have to be delayed. :( I will try to get my computer fixed as quickly as possible so I can get your surprise back up and running!

Thanks for understanding!




So sorry for the lack of posts but we are in the midst of exams! *Insert evil music!* This means there's been lots of studying and boring-ness at my house! HOWEVER, I have a plan cooking for a reward for you guys because you've all been so patient with us! So I hope if you have exams, they go well, and i hope your looking forward to your surprise!

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Cute Doll Find: A Lamp!

So my grandma found this super cute book light, and makes a perfect addition to my dolls' house! It reminds me of the pixar lamp too, which adds cuteness value to me. ;)

Here's a side veiw

And the front.

It actually turns on and off, and it's really bright.

I also love that it's adjustable!

All sorts of possibilities for positioning!

Here's a better look at the hinge that adjusts it.

Because it's a book light you can take the stand off, then clip it to a book.
I think it's scaled perfectly for the dolls

It makes a super cute addition for our doll desk!

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Thoughts on Crafting Grace's Stuff

The new GOTY Grace defiantly has some cool stuff, but I couldn't help but wonder if it would be possible to craft things that were similar so we wouldn't have to pay the outrageous cost.

I already know I can make a suitcase. I've made one before from a video by myfroggystuff. (You can see the video here) So that's pretty easy.  have one already done sitting in Ethan's room. You can see most of it in the bottom left corner of the photo below.

So the mixer I really want for my doll kitchen, but I really don't want to pay the price! I think I could make one out of clay, or cardboard, but it might not look as good. I'll have to think more about how to make this one.

Then there's this monster play set! It's HUGE! I don't even have room for this, even if I did want to buy it! However, if I ever wanted it I do feel you could make one out of a large cardboard box that you painted. Part of me wants to make one just to prove that I can, (and I'll admit it looks like fun!) but once again there's the space issue.

So are there any Grace items that you really want, and are there any you really want me to try to make? (I'll give instructions if I do make any) Tell me in the comments below!

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